Are You Aware About Coronavirus?

Are You Aware About Coronavirus?

Since the beginning of this year, many of you must have been reading news about the new virus, that had started spreading in the city called Wuhan in China. Many people were affected due to this virus and a number of lives were also lost.

Soon the virus started spreading in many other parts of the world and now it has become one of the greatest epidemics of this century. Coronavirus affects our respiratory tract.

Usually, doctors mix them up with common cold, pneumonia, bronchitis, severe acute respiratory-syndrome or SARS. This virus can also affect our gut.

Typically, due to this virus, people may get common cold and hence people started using FDA approved masks however the latest COVID-19 can create more serious diseases, which is responsible for recent outbreak.

Medical researchers have already found that this coronavirus can infect any rats, mice, cats, dogs, horses, pigs, turkeys and cattle. Often this virus can get transmitted by these animals to humans too.

Since this new virus has been detected in 2019 in China and hence it has been renamed as COVID-19. So, in this article we are trying to update you about coronavirus.

What is coronavirus?

In order to prevent coronavirus, it is necessary that you must cover your mouth while sneezing otherwise it can pass on to another person who may be near you.

In 1937, medical researchers had first isolated coronavirus and they found that it is responsible for infectious bronchitis virus among birds and it has the ability to spread within poultry stocks.

During the sixties, medical researchers first found an evidence of this human coronaviruses in people’s noses during common cold.  If two humans are affected to coronaviruses then they can spread large proportion of such common colds.

It has been named as “coronavirus” because it comes from crown-like projections on its surface.

Mostly during winter months or early spring, coronavirus infections occur among humans. People may become regularly ill with cold because of coronavirus and may also catch again about four months later.

As the coronavirus antibodies will not last for too long, the antibodies for certain strain of coronavirus will be ineffective against any other strain.


Centers for Disease Control and Prevention had started monitoring in 2019, they started monitoring the outbreak of this new coronavirus, SARS-CoV-2, that causes respiratory illness which is now called COVID-19.

After that, this virus has started spreading in many other countries, and crossed the boundary of Asia, as a result, World Health Organization had to declare this virus as pandemic.

By this date, more than 939,000 people have already contracted this virus worldwide, and so far, it has caused death of more than 69,000 people. In the US itself, more than 300,000 are affected and caused death of more than 9,000 people.

Initially, it was believed that people with COVID-19 must have had links to animals or seafood market. It was suggested that initially animals had passed on the virus to we humans.

However, with more analysis, it was found that this virus is getting transmitted from human to human.

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