Make Your Own Gravity Bong to Enjoy Your Smoking Experience

Make Your Own Gravity Bong to Enjoy Your Smoking Experience


People who smoke marijuana are very innovative people. They always look for some inventive ways to smoke, so that they can get maximum enjoyment of smoking.

Development of bong is a typical example of an innovation which was first created by using bamboo. People just did not rest there, but made a lot of new innovations in the bongs.

Another new innovation that we will discuss in this article is about gravity bong. If you really want to enjoy ganja smoking then try this new way of smoking. Let us see here how you can make gravity bong of your own by using your bucket.

In order to make this bong, you will need following few items.

  • An empty pop bottle of 2-liter
  • A cap for above 2-liter pop bottle
  • Water
  • A bucket
  • A drill
  • A lighter
  • A bud-bowl
  • Your favorite ganja

To start with, fill your bucket with water till it has filled up to 1” from the top. Then try to drill hole through your pop bottle cap. Now through this hole, you will insert stem of bowl and try to be as much airtight as possible.

Therefore, make sure that the hole is neither too big nor too small.

Next insert the bowl stem through this hole which you just drilled, by using little force and turn the stem while pushing it through this hole. Make sure that you must have tight fitting between your caps and stem.

In order to have easy insertion of stem, you may also apply little amount of coconut or olive oil too. Now you can rub little amount of cannabis lube too, on your stem so that it can easily slide right in.

You may keep aside this bowl/cap combo and now cut out the bottom off your pop bottle. You will find in most of the plastic pop bottles, at certain point of its bottom will have a little curve towards the center.

You can locate that point and cut its bottom off above this point. Make sure that you must try to make this cut as straighter as you want.

Usually, as a precaution measure, people must stay away from any sharp object when they are little high for obvious reasons. Therefore, it is important that you must do all these activities much before you try to burn a blunt.

Next thing to be done is to pack the bowl and cap combination with any of your favorite marijuana strain. It will not take much time to get you really high by using your gravity bong and hence we will recommend using 0.4 to 0.5 grams of some real good stuff.

By holding your packed bowl and cap in one hand, place your empty pop bottle inside a bucket of water in a very careful manner so that only it’s opening and a bit of bottle are above the water.

Now screw on the bowl and cap combo carefully. You are now ready to go!

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