Few Reasons Why You Should Prefer Dental Crowns

Few Reasons Why You Should Prefer Dental Crowns

Dental crown is a cap to cover an infected or damaged tooth. It is available in different metals such as ceramic, gold, porcelain etc. Sometimes, dental fillings are not enough to repair the teeth. In such cases, dental caps are an appropriate way for bridging the gaps between teeth naturally. It covers the entire gum line. It also strengthens the affected teeth.

The importance of dental crowns cannot be warded off. They are quite useful in case of teeth replacement or deep cavities. Broadly, there are two common reasons for tooth crowning. These are mainly done for cosmetic or functional purposes.

Cosmetic Purpose

In this case, dental crowning is used for making teeth more attractive and shiny. If you are unable to remove the stains on your teeth, then dental crown is the right method. Ceramic dental crowns ensure the same color of your teeth. It will be the exact replica of the original teeth. Many people also prefer gold and silver crowning.

Functional Purpose

Gaps or large cavities are some of the common reasons for replacing the teeth. Besides that, here are a few more that you need to consider:

  1. Strengthens the teeth

It protects the weakened teeth. A dental crown holds the broken or damaged parts of teeth together. It provides a good support. Many people also choose dental crown just after the root canal treatment. It provides the strength to weak and brittle teeth.

  1. Dental Implantation- Doctor recommends dental crown as protection for a dental implantation.
  2. In some situations of tooth decay or teeth falls due to some injury or accident, then dental crown is seen as a good alternative.

There are different types of crowns i.e. permanent and temporary crowns.

Temporary Crowns

The temporary crowns are created from a mold of patient’s natural teeth. It protects the recently shaved down teeth from further damage. It lasts only for a few weeks. These are less expensive, as it is made of acrylic or other cheap metals.

Permanent Crowns

Undoubtedly, permanent crown lasts longer than temporary ones. They are made from ceramic, resin or porcelain etc. These are placed after removal of temporary crowns. The patients should follow dental instructions thereafter.

Duration of Dental crowns

The duration of dental crowns usually depends on the material of crowns used in making them. The experience of dentist, successful execution of dental crowning and lifestyle of patients are other factors that determine the durability of the dental caps.

Generally, a permanent crown lasts from 5 to 15 years. Gold and porcelain fused metal crowns last the longest while the ceramic crowns have the shortest lifespan.

Tips for taking Care of Dental Crowns

Following are the some tips for proper maintenance of dental crowns.

  1. Brush twice a day.
  2. Maintain proper oral hygiene
  3. Avoid ice, nuts, candies and chips etc.
  4. Do regular dental flossing

Thus, taking care of our teeth is also our responsibility. Many people don’t understand the importance of oral hygiene. They feel lazy and skip dental appointments. One should visit dentists regularly and place a dental crown if necessary.

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