Check Out All the Important Aspects of the Copper Oxysulflate

Check Out All the Important Aspects of the Copper Oxysulflate

Have you ever heard about the copper oxysulfate? It is otherwise called the copper granules. It is supplied as the low-dust spherical granule. You will find the granular copper in soil and dry-blend formulations. When the granules get into the soil, the copper sulfate dissolves and then releases fine particles of the insoluble copper oxide.

Keep in mind that copper granules are not completely soluble so that they cannot be accessed in the foliar sprays. It is well formulated with the high-purity copper ingredients to reduce the heavy metal contents and to render a hard, non-dusty, and free-flowing granule ideal for the dry blends.

How to use

Copper granules are the granulated copper oxysulfate fertilizer. It is well intended for dry application to the soil only when it is in blends and on its own. It is highly useful for preventing the copper deficiency in pasture and crops. As said earlier, copper granules are not completely soluble so that they cannot be able to apply in solution. To know the appropriate application rate and requirement for copper, you can get help from the local and industry experts.

Copper deficiency is most likely to occur on the sandy soils and alkaline soils. It is because copper availability for the plant root uptake is highly minimized. Lower rates of copper sulfate are used where the copper has applied annually.  It is extremely challenging to apply copper granules at the lower rates. It is often accessed as the blended ingredient along with other fertilizers due to this reason.

Uses of the copper sulfate

Copper sulfate has several agricultural uses and some of them are listed in the below section.

  • Controls the fungus disease
  • Preparation of the burgundy and Bordeaux mixtures on the farm
  • Copper deficiency correction in soils and animals
  • Stimulation of growth for the broiler chickens and pigs

Why use copper oxysulfate?

Even though many substances are found naturally, only a few of them are versatile. Copper granules are one among them, which is the inorganic compound derived from the perfect combination of sulfur and copper. The benefits of this compound are extremely high and far-reaching. Because of its chemical makeup, it is highly beneficial in addressing the overly alkaline environment, fixing unwanted root growth, and much more. Here are the reasons to use copper granules.

  • Agricultural applications are the most common access of the copper granules. It boasts several functions throughout the management and care of crops. Copper granules are often accessed as the fertilizer to maximize the copper content of the soil. It assists to rectify the acidic and peaty soils to develop a hospitable climate for the plant growth. It is also accessed to address leaf spots, mildew, and others on vegetables and fruit trees.
  • It is also accessed to clear gardens and tress of unwanted critters. Applying the copper sulfate mixture directly to the tree trunks to kill the slugs and snails. It gives ultimate protection for your property from infestation

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