Zoom Whitening – Everything You Must Know Before the Treatment

Zoom Whitening – Everything You Must Know Before the Treatment

Who does not love to have white teeth? But, not all people are blessed with white teeth. The teeth become stained due to several aspects over time. Whether you are a smoker or coffee lover, you will experience the hassle of stained and yellow teeth.

You can whiten your teeth easily and quickly with Zoom Whitening. This procedure is recently getting more popularity among the people because of its affordability and comfort. In this article, you will get to know about this procedure, and it helps you make the right decision and fulfills your needs easily.

Zoom teeth whitening – what is it?

Zoom teeth whitening is the most popular method of teeth whitening as it takes little time to work. In addition, this treatment is highly effective and useful for all people. It is the major form of laser treatment that lightens the discoloration and staining of tooth enamel. This simple and non-invasive treatment helps you to get the best result in a short time.

Procedure of zoom whitening 

Firstly, the dentist will put a protective cover over the lips and gums. They leave only the teeth exposed and then apply the whitening gel and leave it for15minutes. Then, a special lamp is accessed along with the hydrogen peroxide zoom whitening gel. It helps the dentists to remove the stains from your teeth.

Every 15minues, more gel is applied to the teeth, and the whole procedure takes about 45minutes. After completing the whitening, the dentist will apply the different gel to your teeth to minimize sensitivity. You will get the touch-up kit and advice from the dentist on which food to take and not to take before leaving the clinic.

Is zoom teeth whitening permanent?

The Zoom Whitening treatment is not permanent. Some drinks, foods, and tobacco will stain the teeth even after the procedure. So, you need to take enough care and follow the doctor’s advice carefully. Try to avoid carbonated drinks, coffee, pasta sauce, white wine, and soy sauce. It assists you in maintaining your newly whitened teeth.

In addition, you have to brush your teeth properly and have professional cleaning regularly. It helps you to maintain the whiteness of the teeth for a long time. Be cautious about your diet and habits that affect the appearance of your teeth.

Major benefits of zoom teeth whitening

Are you not getting the best result with the over-the-counter whitening strips and toothpaste? Ask your dentist to get the Zoom Whitening treatment. After analyzing your teeth, they will tell you whether this procedure is suitable for your need. Here are the major benefits of this procedure.

  • Unlike other teeth whitening methods, it helps you get the noticeable whiter smile within an hour. Since it is a quick procedure, it is easier to fit into your busy schedule.
  • It is the perfect treatment for sensitive teeth. Without getting any pain and discomfort, you will get whiter teeth.
  • The cost of this treatment is affordable, and thus anyone can take this procedure and achieve the expected result.

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